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Contenidos Onda Sonora 8 de julio de 2013

8 julio 2013

wwww.ondasonoraradio.com CONTENIDOS ONDA SONORA 08 de Julio de 2013 http://archive.org/details/OndaSonora8DeJulioDe2013 01. 300 BASSES Track: Abandonatto / Mala Carne Album: Sei Ritornelli Label: Potlatch 02. TIM OLIVE & ALFREDO COSTA MONTEIRO Track: Untitled Album: 33 Bays Label: 845 Audio 03. ASTERO Track: Remanent Album: Nadir Label: Agxivatein.com 04. HENRY KAISER / CHARLES K. NOVES / WEASEL WALTER Track: Procurer of Hell / At This Late Date, The Charleston (extract) Album: Ninja Star Danger Rock Label: ugEXPLODE 05. WEASEL WALTER, MARY HALVORSON, PETER EVANS Track: Vektor (extract) / Broken Toy Album: Mechanical Malfunction Label: Thirsty Ear 06. WEASEL WALTER, DAMON SMITH & CHARITY CHAN Track: Tentacles (extract) / A publishing of Events Album: Improvised Music and Tentacles Label: Bug Incision Records